Return the most recent Fully-Diluted-Value (FDV) for up to 10,000 tokens in a single request.

Method: GET



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Fetching 10,000 tokens in a single request

You have to use a POSTrequest. GET requests are limited to 25 addresses per request. Look at the example at the bottom of this page for how to construct a POST request.

Request Parameters

token_addressstringThis is the address or list of addresses for which to return latest price information for.

If making a GET request use a comma separated list to provide the list of addresses. If POST use a list in the request body.

This is a required parameter.
price_typestringThe type of price to return in the response.

The default is price_token_usd_tick_1. All possible options for price_type are given in the table below.


Possible Price Types

The possible price types correspond to the prices returned by our DEX Trades table. Each price type corresponds to a different method of calculating price.

Price TypeDescription
price_token_usd_tick_1The price at which a token was traded based on the most recent swap.
price_token_usd_tick_robust_1The same as price_token_usd_tick_1 but with significant outliers removed.
price_token_usd_robust_total_{1h|24h}This provides the total price, in USD, based on both buy and sell trades executed in the last 1 or 24 hour(s).
price_token_usd_robust_buy_{1h|24h}This metric gives the total price, in USD, based solely on buy trades that have occurred in the last 1 or 24 hour(s).
price_token_usd_robust_sell_{1h|24}This shows the total price, in USD, accumulated from all sell trades in the last 1 or 24 hour(s).
price_token_usd_robust_mid_{1h|24h}The mid price is the average of the buy price and the sell price.

Response Fields

token_addressintegerThe block number (i.e. height) of the event log.
fully_diluted_market_capintegerThe fully diluted value (also referred to as the fully diluted market cap) of the token. This equals to the most recent price of the token multiplied by its maximum total supply.
max_supplystringThe maximum number of tokens that can be minted. This information is obtained from the totalSupply function provided by ERC20 tokens.
price_usddoubleThe most recent dollar price of the token.

Example: Latest tick prices for $UNIBOT and $PEPE


Try it out

In the Live Example section you can try out the request with different arguments.


In the requests below 0xf819d9cb1c2a819fd991781a822de3ca8607c3c9 is the address of $UNIBOT and 0x6982508145454ce325ddbe47a25d4ec3d2311933 of $PEPE.

Example GET Request


Example POST Request

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
    "token_address": [

Here 0xf819d9cb1c2a819fd991781a822de3ca8607c3c9 is the address of $UNIBOT token.

Try in Postman:


        "token_address": "0xf819d9cb1c2a819fd991781a822de3ca8607c3c9",
        "fully_diluted_market_cap": 63889213.274910495,
        "fully_diluted_market_cap_pretty": "$63,889,213.27",
        "max_supply": 1000000.0,
        "price_usd": 63.889213274910496
        "token_address": "0x6982508145454ce325ddbe47a25d4ec3d2311933",
        "fully_diluted_market_cap": 492918525.2350301,
        "fully_diluted_market_cap_pretty": "$492,918,525.24",
        "max_supply": 420689899999994.8,
        "price_usd": 1.1716908944926803e-06

Live Example

Press Try It to make a request and see what the response looks like. Feel free to try different query parameters.

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