The metadata endpoint for ERC20 tokens provides information about the token's name, symbol, decimals, and other relevant information.

Request Parameters

addressstringThe address parameter is an optional (comma-separated) string used to specify one or more token addresses for which to return metadata.

If the address parameter is not specified, the default behavior is to return size (default 10) results whose position is greater than or equal to from (default 0).
symbolstringThe symbol parameter is an optional (comma-separated) string used to return metadata for tokens that match the provided symbol(s).
fromintegerAn optional parameter used to specify from what position to return metadata for. The default value is 0.
sizeintegerThe number of records to return. The parameter is optional. If not specified, it defaults to 100. The maximum allowed is 10,000.

Response Fields

addressstringThe ERC20 token contract address.
symbolstringThe symbol of the ERC20 contract (as returned by reading the symbol function of the contract).
namestringThe name of the ERC20 contract (as returned by reading the name function of the contract).
decimalsintegerThe decimals field for an ERC20 token indicates the number of decimal places used to represent the token's smallest unit. For example, if a token has 18 decimals, it means that the smallest amount that you can own of a token is 1e-18.


When do new tokens get added?

New tokens are added to our metadata as soon as they are created. This happens in real-time within a few seconds of the block at which the token was created.

We monitor transfer events to detect new tokens. Tokens that adhere to the ERC20 standard will trigger a transfer event to the 0x0address when tokens are created (see EIP-20:

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