Use to retrieve key information about DEX pools

Request Parameters

addressstringThe address is an optional (comma-separated) string used to specify one or more DEX pool addresses for which to return metadata.

If the address parameter is not specified, the default behavior is to return size (default 10) results whose position is greater than or equal to from (default 0).
fromintegerAn optional parameter used to specify from what position to return metadata for. The default value is 0.
sizeintegerThe number of records to return. The parameter is optional. If not specified, it defaults to 100. The maximum allowed is 10,000.

Response Fields

protocol_namestringThe name of the DEX the pool corresponds to (e.g. uniswap_v2)
timestampintegerThe UNIX timestamp in seconds that the pool was created.
block_numberintegerThe block number at which the pool was created.
pool_addressstringThe address of the pool.
token_0_addressstringThe address of the first token that makes up the pool.
token_1_addressstringThe address of the second token that makes up the pool.


What DEXs are covered?

Currently we track all Uniswap V2 and Uniswap V3 DEX pools on Ethereum. More DEXs and chains are on our roadmap and will be added over time.

How often is the metadata updated?

Our metadata is updated in real-time. The moment a new pool is created we will have metadata for it (within a few seconds of a block being mined).

Live Example

Press Try It to make a request and see what the response looks like. Feel free to try different query parameters.

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