Retrieve a summary of the total trading performance of a wallet.

Method: GET



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Request Parameters

wallet_addressstringThe wallet address for which to calculate performance.

This is a required parameter.
timestampintegerThe time at which to calculate the total performance of a wallet.

The time is given in UNIX timestamp seconds format. By default the most recent time is taken.

Response Fields

Response FieldTypeDescription
wallet_addressstringThe given wallet address for which trading performance was calculated.
realized_profitdoubleThe total profit made from completed trades.
realized_investmentdoubleThe sum of investments across all completed (realized) trades.
realized_returndoubleThe actual return on investment from completed trades, calculated as realized_profit / investment multiplied by 100.
unrealized_profitdoubleThe closing token balance for the given interval and wallet address.
unrealized_investmentdoubleThe closing token balance (in base format) for the given interval and wallet address.
unrealized_returndoubleThe potential return on investment if the token is sold at the current price; calculated as unrealized_profit / unrealized_investment multiplied by 100.
total_profitdoubleThe sum of all profits from both completed trades and unrealized gains.
total_investmentdoubleThe sum of all investments made in both completed and ongoing trades.
total_returndoubleThe overall financial performance, obtained by dividing the total profit by the total investment and adding 1.
win_ratedoubleThe percentage of trades (both realized and unrealized) that were profitable.
first_trade_timestampintegerThe time of the earliest DEX trade made by the wallet (in UNIX seconds timestamp format).
last_trade_timestampintegerThe time of the most recent DEX trade made by the wallet (in UNIX seconds timestamp format).

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