block_numberintegerThe block number (i.e. height) of the event log.
timestampintegerUNIX timestamp in seconds.

The zero value corresponds to the 1st of January 1970 at UTC, called the Unix Epoch.
transaction_hashstringThe transaction has of the transaction that the DEX trade happened in.
token_addressstringThe unique address of the ERC20 token.
price_token_usd_tick_1 doubleThe price at which a token was traded based on the most recent swap.
price_token_usd_robust_total_{1h|24h}doubleThis provides the total price, in USD, based on both buy and sell trades executed in the last 1 or 24 hour(s).
price_token_usd_robust_buy_{1h|24h}doubleThis metric gives the total price, in USD, based solely on buy trades that have occurred in the last 1 or 24 hour(s).
price_token_usd_robust_sell_{1h|24h}doubleThis shows the total price, in USD, accumulated from all sell trades in the last 1 or 24 hour(s).
price_token_usd_robust_mid_{1h|24h}doubleThe mid price is the average of the buy price and the sell price.
protocol_namestringThe name of the DEX protocol on which the trade happened.
pool_addressstringThe address of the pool on which the trade happened.
sidestringWhether the token was bought or sold.

If the token with address token_address leaves the pool after a swap we consider that buy otherwise it's a sell.
amount_tokendoubleThe amount of the token that was traded.
amount_ethdoubleThe value in ether that was traded.
amount_usddoubleThe value in dollars that was traded.