timestampintegerUNIX timestamp in seconds.

The zero value corresponds to the 1st of January 1970 at UTC, called the Unix Epoch.
block_numberintegerThe block number (i.e. height) of the block that the transaction belongs to.
wallet_addressstringThe address of the token holder.
token_addressstringThe address of the token.
token_namestringThe name of the token.
token_symbolstringThe symbol of the token.
balance_basestringThe base amount of the token held.

The base amount is the smallest amount in which a token can be represented. The smallest denomination used by token depends on the token decimals of the underlying token.
balance_tokendoubleThe amount of the token held.

Note: This equals to balance_base divided by 10**token_decimals.
balance_usddoubleThe value of the amount of the token held in dollars.